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Traveling With Kids 101: The Packing Edition

Traveling with Kids

Its summer time, and you’re in the mood for a vacation with your family. If you have kids, you know that traveling with them is nothing short of a challenge.

The stress of trying to plan a perfect trip often makes you miss out on some essentials that are a must-have on any trip with kids. On the other end of the spectrum, some parents even over-pack just to ensure they don’t forget anything.

To help you pack in moderation, take a look at this list of things you need to be wary of when preparing for travels with kids.

The baby arsenal

Maintain a bag that contains all the essential items your baby will need on this trip. From baby food, diapers, medication, napkins, baby formula, and a breast bump to clothes and bathing suits, your baby will need it all. This bag will be a lifesaver for the trip and has to be present with you at all times.

The car seat

It’s likely that you will rent a car when you arrive at your destination, but there’s no guarantee that it will have a car seat for your children. It’s a safe option to pack a car seat instead of buying one every time you head to a new place. Pack a compact one that’s easy to carry and tow without hassle.

Small toys

Children can get easily amused, and that’s why their attention span is very small. If you think your child will get easily disturbed or uncomfortable on the trip, its best to pack a couple of small toys to ensure your child is occupied with playing so they have less time to cry. Toys will also come in handy when you’re putting them to bed.

Ziploc bags

As strange as it may sound, carrying Ziploc bags will save you from a lot of worrying and discomfort. During traveling, you can practically store anything in a Ziploc bag. From wet bathing suits, dirty clothes, and toiletries to small toys and snacks, Ziploc bags can make carrying essential items feasible a cinch.

A baby stroller

If you’re traveling with a baby, packing a stroller is a good idea. While most parents opt for a baby carrier which they can use when traveling on the airplane or going on walks, there’s only a handful of times when parents can carry the baby on their shoulder without tiring out.

As such, packing a stroller is a feasible option because it will allow the parents to carry their children on their trip without breaking their own backs.

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