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Myth Busting: Life As A Parent

In a time when parenting advice is coming at you from all directions—the TV, concerned family members, mothers you meet at the daycare center, the internet—it’s tough to navigate the thoughts in your head that tell you you’re a bad parent.

If you’re familiar with this feeling and are a bit insecure about your parenting techniques, let us dispel some parenting myths so you can be assured that you’re doing a good job!

Myth no. 1: You’re supposed to sleep train your baby

We bet that at least one person in your life has told you that creating a sleep schedule for your baby is important. Some mothers put their babies to sleep and have them stay up during certain hours to create a sleeping schedule that’s similar to that of an adult. If you’re uncomfortable with this idea, that’s okay, because babies don’t need to develop a sleeping schedule.

Myth no 2: You mustn’t rock your baby to put them to sleep

Many parents are told that if they rock their baby to sleep, it’s likely that they’ll never learn to sleep without the to and fro motion. There’s not a lot of truth to that statement, because babies adjust and can be put to sleep easily, as long as they feel calm and comfortable.

Myth no. 3: You have to be stern in the face of a child’s tantrums

Children naturally get frustrated and throw tantrums. More often than not, this happens because of hormonal changes their body is going through, or because they’re simply uncomfortable.

As such, it’s not a good idea to always be stern and strict when your child throws a tantrum. Parents should assess the situation and determine what the best course of action is to deal with a meltdown.

Myth no. 4: You’re supposed to be grateful for every moment you spend with your child

When you’re a new parent, other parents often tell you to enjoy all the moments you get with your baby because they grow up so fast. While that may be true, parents shouldn’t feel that they aren’t allowed to feel frustrated or tired while they’re raising a kid. Sometimes, it’s okay to heave a sigh of relief after some moments are over.

Myth no. 5: You shouldn’t overthink buying a stroller and just buy the first one you see

When the baby’s abou to come and parents are being rushed to buy baby essentials, people often say that any stroller will do. But picking a stroller for your baby is one of those decisions that need to be given a considerable amount of thought. The stroller doesn’t just need to have all the essential safety measures; it also needs to be the right size, weight and type according to the requirements of the parents.

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