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Double Trouble: What To Do When You’re Expecting Twins

About one in thirty babies born in the United States are twins. This means that if you’re a mom who’s expecting double trouble, you can find comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one and you’ll get through just like all the mothers before you.

Planning for a new child is a challenge in itself, but planning for two is a different ballgame altogether. Taking care of finances, baby-proofing the house, and buying baby essentials are just some of the things parents need to figure out before the new child comes into the world. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should shop for when preparing for double trouble.


For the first two months of their birth, a single baby will use 8 to 12 diapers on a daily basis, and as hard as that might be to believe, you want your babies to poop this much because that’s how you know they’re receiving the nutrition their body requires. This means that you’ll go through 960 to 1,440 diapers in the first 60 days alone. So stack up on diapers because your babies will need lots of them.

Car seats

You can’t leave the hospital or travel with your babies without these. Some hospitals don’t allow parents to leave until they’ve conducted a safety test themselves. The car seats must be rear-facing and can be easily installed by a fireman. Since twins tend to come out early, it’s suggested that you start looking for twin-friendly car seats first chance you get.

Cribs and high chairs

You’ll need two cribs for your twins to keep in the nursery. If the crib is portable, it can also be useful when traveling with kids.

Once the babies are past the stage of being fed milk, they’ll be fed on high chairs placed in front of the dining table. You can also use the double high chairs to prop your kids up on them for other activities as well, such as finger painting, watching TV, playing with toys.


You’ll be shopping for two until your kids are old enough to shop on their own. For immediate use, you’ll need onesies, stretchies, pajama sacks or sleepers, seasonal outfits such as tops and bottoms, and socks. You can opt for gender0neutral clothes if you want your twins to match.


This is the most important one out of all the items listed so far. One can only afford to disregard this option if they want to travel with their kids once they can walk properly. You should opt for a twin stroller that can fit through most doorways, as well as the trunk of your car. Make sure the padding is comfortable for the baby and the built is child proof to ensure your baby’s safety.

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