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Best Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend’s Baby Shower


Have a baby shower coming up soon but don’t know what a thoughtful and practical gift idea would be? Baby showers are joyous occasions, but picking out the perfect present for one can be tough.

We know you want to convey your sincerest congratulations and love to the mother-to-be by adding a personal touch to the gift. So take a look at these gift ideas for baby showers that are bound to get you a couple of “ooos” and “aahhs” from everyone attending.

A nightlight

Nightlights are cute, compact, and are available in unique shapes and designs to catch the attention of the baby. Buy a nightlight that has adjustable settings so that the mother can dim the lights when the baby is sleeping or turn them back up if she needs to feed.

A crib

Being a nursery essential, not only is this gift practical, but it’ll also save the new parents some money, and that’s what makes it thoughtful. If you want to go for this option, start by finding out what kind of crib the parents want or if they want any crib accessories to go with it.

A rocking chair

This is a feasible option if you want to gift something that’s a source of comfort for the mom as well. A rocking chair will keep the mother comfy while she’s cuddling or nursing the baby. She can also use it to rock back and forth if she wants to put the baby to sleep.

A memory book

These books are a creative way to store baby pictures with little descriptions of the context on the side. The mother can put the baby pictures in the book to create a collection of all the milestones during the baby’s first few years.

A pair of unisex baby booties

A baby’s feet are always cold to touch, especially when they start moving their legs and are able to get the socks off. The best way to keep their feet warm is with a pair of soft cotton booties that can be secured around the baby’s foot with a snap around the ankle.

A stroller

When it comes to picking a gift that’s pragmatic, a baby stroller tops the list. Even newborn babies require one. The stroller needs to be good enough for everyday use and should have all the appropriate safety measures in place.

Before buying one, make sure it fits the requirements of the parents. If they live in an apartment, then the stroller needs to be lightweight and not too bulky. The stroller should also be able to fit most doors and hallways.

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