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All You Need To Know About Spotting A Fake Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are extensively admired due to their intricate complications, perfect craftsmanship, and shimmering dials. Often, luxury watches are solely in demand because they’re limited editions as well. When you’re looking to invest in a luxury watch, you should be wary of the fact that not all buyers that showcase luxury watches will have real ones.

You do reduce the chances of encountering a replica if you contact a manufacturer directly, or a reliable dealer. Just in case you’re ever unsure about a watch, take a look at this guide to help you spot a fake luxury watch from a real one, so your hard-earned money doesn’t go down the drain.  

Does it have a serial number?

One of the first things you should do if you want to differentiate between a fake watch and a real watch is to check its serial number. Considering that serial numbers are unique to each watch, do a quick Google search to determine the watch’s authenticity. Replica watches are often produced in bulk and the counterfeiters don’t have enough resources or time to give each one a serial number.

Watch out for the weight

Watchmakers often use the technique of weighing watches using an electric scale if they doubt the piece’s authenticity. Real timepieces are generally made from high quality stainless steel or other precious metals. With a fake, the inferior metal used would not be of the same quality and will consequently feel light in your hand.

Check for a flawless finish

The overall finish of a replica would never match that of an authentic luxury watch. This is so because all the components of the watch are developed and produced by means of a set of processes that include casting, machining and assembly. As such, the attention to detail is flawless and the result is a watch with a spotless finish. Counterfeits struggle to reproduce a similar quality due to their inferior tools and lack of access to high quality products. The finish of a fake watch will either have an ill-fitted link in the bracelet, rough edges around the dial or a faulty clasp mechanism.

Does it have seamless movement?

Most luxury watches are known for their movements because of the intricate internal mechanics. Since there are a lot of expensive components that go into the creation of the design, it’s difficult for a third party to match the finesse and the caliber movement that a dial of a luxury watch possesses.

These useful tips will help you determine whether the luxury watch you’re looking at is a real one or a replica, but hopefully you’ll never have to use them. If you’re looking for a reliable buyer that has an extensive collection of luxury men's watches online and mens luxury sport watches online, visit todaysstyle and check out our range of products for immediate shipping and delivery.