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8 Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Partner

Don’t you wish your partner had a registry that you could use to buy the perfect gift for your special evening? You might know him like the back of your hand, but you still struggle to find the perfect gift for him.

If any of this resonates with you, take a look at this list to pick out the perfect anniversary gift.


A whiskey decanter

A whiskey decanter lets wine breathe and allows certain flavors in it to become more prominent. Getting your partner a whiskey decanter will make his day! Opt for one that’s stylish or has an unconventional shape.

A fancy pocket comb

You might not be able to tell just by looking at them, but almost everyone fusses about their hair. You can get a customized pocket comb made for your partner and have it inscribed with a thoughtful message to add a personal touch.

A leather passport holder

If your partner travels often, you can buy a compact and durable leather passport holder for him. The holder will have several other slots for cards, making it ideal for use during traveling.

A cookbook

If your partner is into cooking, giving them a cookbook is a good idea. Find a cookbook that has recipes similar to the ones your partner likes to cook or prefers to eat.

If he knows his way around the grill and is always up for some meaty food, a meat-centric cookbook can be a good gift option. Throw in an adorable apron to seal the deal.


A good pair of shoes

Black, stylish leather shoes can up anyone’s outfit game. Opt for a pair that your partner will fall in love with and will be up for any occasion.

A French coffee press

A French coffee press will undoubtedly benefit you too. Buy a fancy coffee press and satisfy your partner’s caffeine cravings. If he likes it enough, you can bet you’ll get a cup of fresh-pressed coffee every morning.


A travel-sized shaving kit

A convenient kit for shaving that includes shaving cream, razors, multiple blades and post-shave balms all packed in one portable bag is a good gift idea, especially if your partner travels for work frequently. The package can also be used to carry toiletries.

A luxury watch

If you’re willing to splurge on a gift for your partner, buy a classic luxury watch for him that he’ll never want to take off. Get one with a leather band and you can even add a personalized inscription at the base to remind your partner of the special bond you two share. A luxury watch will help your partner stand out and look professional at the same time.

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