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5 Creative Ways Of Telling Your Partner You’re Pregnant


Did the test come out positive? It’s time for you to calm your nerves and contain your happiness long enough to plan the perfect way you’re going to reveal the great news to your partner. Make your partner feel special and allow them to experience the joy you did when you found out about the baby!

Take a look at some of these creative ways you can use to convey your big news.

Plan a surprise photoshoot

Pick a photographer and fill him in on your ingenious idea. You can tell your partner that you’re planning a romantic photoshoot with them. Give them a piece of chart paper or chalkboard and ask them to write a romantic note on it. Your partner will think you’re doing the same but you’ll just be writing “I’m pregnant!” on the paper. Have the photographer capture the exact moment you reveal the news to make a great memory.

Make a photo album

Create a photo album with pictures of you two together for the duration of your relationship. Make notes and add pictures of all the milestones you experienced together. The last slot will have a positive pregnancy test safely tucked inside. Wait for your partner to take it out and watch as they cry with tears of joy.

Buy a book for your partner

While this may be one of the easiest tricks in the book, it’s also one of the most effective. You can buy a book that your partner has been waiting to read for a while, and stick a note that says “I’m pregnant” somewhere in the middle of the book. Other than that, if you want to be direct, you can simply buy a book which is a pregnancy guide for dads.

Get your first child to be your wingman

You can buy a t-shirt that hints at another baby coming into the world and make your first child wear it. You could also use a plain shirt and paint it yourself with a message like “The superhero needs a sidekick” or “Baby number 2 is on its way” and have your first child wear it in front of your partner.

Go big or go home!

If you’re looking for a grand pregnancy reveal, buy a baby stroller and put it in your room so that your partner can see it after they come back from work. They’ll be confused but it won’t take them long before they figure out the message. Think of this method as an early investment because you can also use the same stroller for your baby once it’s born.

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